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Lisa Gay Hamilton - The Practice Makes Perfect
By Virginia D. Hudson

Lisa Gay Hamilton is a woman who's comfortable in her own skin. "I hate makeup," she says. Hamilton makes no apologies. She'll even attend auditions without a layer of foundation or a trace of lipstick. "If you can't see me, then you can't see me."

Lisa Gay Hamilton
Lisa Gay Hamilton

Every week viewers can see Hamilton portray the strong-willed and fair-minded Rebecca on the Emmy Award-winning ABC network series, "The Practice." Hamilton along with the ensemble cast passionately defend their clients to the bitter end.

Lisa Gay Hamilton
© Warner Bros.
Hamilton, as Bonnie Beachum, in True Crime

Recently speaking at a conference for African-American women in film and television, Hamilton spoke frankly about acting in Hollywood. As one of the few African-American actors steadily working she sees the importance of getting good scripts, saying it's "not about black and white, it's about the quality of work."

Equally important is the opportunity to portray strong characters, "If I don't get to work at the craft-I can't get better," she says.

A native of Long Island, Hamilton studied at Juilliard and had a passion for the theater. Before landing her current role on the ABC series, Hamilton worked on the stage and the big screen in movies like Krush Groove. Her more recent credits include True Crime and the television miniseries A House Divided.

As the Practice enters a new season, Hamilton is philosophical about her future. "I believe if you say it out loud it comes back at you." M

September 2001


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